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What you need to know to set up your Website

  1. Strategy and Design for your Web Page. (For best results a professional designed Web page is recommended.) For Web Site Design consulting call or send e-mail.

  2. Web Development tools with FTP client software such as Netscape Communicator.

  3. You will need the login name assigned to you, along with your secret password.

  4. When you access your account you will have at least three directories.
    • logs -- contains your raw access and error log files. These logs record every hit made your web site, and any errors that occurred (such as invalid links).
    • cgi-bin -- Contains your cgi scripts.
    • htdocs -- Contains your index.html file which is the default directory index and will be the starting home page. There should be one file named index.html in the htdocs directory and any directories created inside of htdocs. Users of your web site will only have access to readable files under the htdocs/ directory.

  5. Graphical Statistics Charts -- Extensive graphical web statistics of traffic to your site is available the next day after your site is available. The files are automatically generated every night and placed in htdocs/stats directory. You may view them by browsing to your-domain.name followed by /stats For example www.rdurkee.net/stats

  6. In case your domain registration is still being processed an alternate URL for your web site will be reachable as http://rdurkee.net/your-login/ where your-login is replaced with the login name assigned to you.

  7. Read your e-mail via the web using web mail

  8. The capabilities of your web server are too many to list here, if there's something else you want or or interested in, please ask!


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