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Tools and Resources for Creating a Web Page

To create your first web page, you will need either to use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web authoring tool or word processor which generates HTML and/or learn HTML ( the formatting language Web pages are written in), or preferably some of both.

On-Line Resources for Web Tools and Developement

Free Web Editors

  • Netscape Composer -- An easy to use web authoring software built into Netscape Communicator. Freely downloadable from netscape.com. For example in 4.x versions of netscape you can easily create a new web page by selecting File menu -> new -> Page from Wizard or Page from Template.
  • CuteHTML -- Free HTML editor from the makers of CuteFTP.

Learning HTML

FTP Clients

  • Most Web Editors have built-in FTP software for publishing your finished pages to the web. However some prefer a standalone FTP software to transfer the finished Web pages. The two most popuar FTP Clients are CuteFTP and WS_FTP. Download and try them out.

Web Developers


Other Free and
Demo Software

  • Ziff Davis Download Center has searchable library of demo and free software.

Administrative ftp access to your web site

Convenient and private access to administer and develop your web site is provided via FTP client or web tool along with your assigned account and secret password. The FTP protocol is the Internet standard for accessing remote files. You do not have to understand everything about how it works in order to use one of the many tools freely available to help you administer your site. FTP access software is built into Netscape Composer and most Web Authoring tools, or try out a shareware FTP client such as CuteFTP or WS_FTP. Check the Site

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